Dashnaks burnt 56 houses and shops, 127 domains, two mosques and robbed local imam’s (a religious leader) flat in Kurdemir village in Goychay district. A bonfire was made by a rich library which was about the commentary of the Qoran and the Qoran was insulted. In Goychay district Jengi (Jayli), Qaravelli, Qarabujaq, Mustafani, Khalil-Gasimbey, Arab-Mehdibeyli, Sadali villages and other hamlets were destroyed.

The chairman of commission Khasmammadov wrote to the Minister of Foreign Affairs that there was enough information that proves the wildness done by the dashnak-Bolshevik against to the Turk-Muslim people in Baku , Shamakhi, Quba cities, Shamakhi, Goychay, Javad and Quba districts in order to send to the representative staff that was going European peace conference. Lankaren district was destroyed by the armed group of colonel Avetisov , some part of Javad district by a group led by colonel Illiarovich, a great destruction realized in Irevan province, four districts of Ganja province – Jabrail, Javanshir, Shusha, Zengezur Shusha and the Azerbaijanis completely killed. (ARSA, f.100, r.2, c.791, sh.2).


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