Old Azerbaijan city Shamakhi had undergone to robbery and wildness. Investigation materials consisting of 7 volumes, 925 sheets about Armenian savagery in Shamakhi city and Shamakhi district were collected. Here soldiers and T.Amirov’s group that led by S.Lalayev became unbridled, robbed the people and killed them. The part of Shamakhi where Muslims lived was burnt. 13 block mosque and famous sacred place – Juma mosque were burnt. This mosque was dear for Muslims both as a sacred direction and as an old monument. Armenian bandits had killed thousands of peaceful people. (ARSA, f.1061, r.1, c.108, s. 8-10).

Jafargulu, the great respected theologian in Shamakhi was incredibly tortured. Armenians tortured him in the mosque where he was clergyman (akhund), the hair of the beard of this religious man was plucked one by one, his teeth, eyes were pulled out and their noses were cut off. Armenians had killed lots of women and children who came to the place of clergyman. Afterwards in the yard of the completely burnt house of Haji akhund a lot of human bones were discovered by the members of Investigation Commission. In July 1918 Caucasus-Islam army collected big bones of corpses and buried them while making Shamakhi free. The commission members noted in the report, which was drawn up about this in October and November of 1918 there were still decomposed remainders of corpses. (ARSPPPM, f.277, r.2, c.16, s.18). The fate of 80 villages of Shamakhi was like this.

On 30 March 1919 the “Appeal” of Extraordinary Investigation Commision was published in “ Azerbaijan ” paper. It was said the document signed by A.Khasmammadov: “There remained only ruins of Shamakhi. In this ruins of the city where Muslims lived there seem only burnt minarets of the oldest mosque Juma which dates more than 800 years, survived people from 15 thousand Muslim people of the city departed to Transcaucasia and they begged door by door bag sin their hands in order not to die by hunger. Other part of people who saved from robbers and outlaws who named themselves “Bolshevik” returned to their native places only after Ottoman Turk troops came to Azerbaijan . When they came back they found their places in burnt and completely destroyed condition”.

On the base of investigation of Extraordinary Investigation Commission that held upon separate villages of Shamakhi – information on witness explanations, explanation protocols of injured persons, number of people in official agencies and sum of property, list of the dead and the wound and other – the amount of done injury in each village and the number of killed persons were noted in the compiled final acts of 83 villages. According to the numbers in this acts Armenians killed 8027 Azerbaijanis in 53 villages in Shamakhi district. 4190 of them were men, 2560 were women and 1277 were children. General financial loss in these villages was 339.5 million manat by that period’s currency. (ARSA, f.1061, r.2, c.85, 87, 100).

“Appeal” ended with such words: “To take care the injured persons of Shamakhi is the duty and spiritual debt of each citizen, specially Muslim citizens. Muslim citizens save Shirvan!”.

It is clear by the documents of Investigation Commission the loss of Azerbaijani people of Shamakhi city was more than one million manat.

It was defined accurately in the report of N.Mikhaylov and N.Klassovski, the members of Extraordinary Investigation Commission who carried out control in Nukha and Eresh districts of Ganja province, not only the Armenian group of these districts, but also non local military parts and Armenians of Irevan province had planned to kill all the Muslim people, to destroy villages, to capture state power agencies and Muslim territories. (ARSPPPMA, f.277, r.2, c.16, s.46)


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