One of the Azerbaijan territories that most injured by Armenian tragedies in 1918-1920 wasZangazurdistrict. As a result of dashnak forces aggression, relation of this district with Shusha was broken off completely and with Jabrail district partially. The condition of Muslim people of the district became worse, because besides armed bandit groups in Armenian villages there was well armed regular army of general Andranik consisting Armenian soldiers. By the command of Armenian government, entering Azerbaijan territory Andranik demanded Muslim people whether to be under Armenian command or to leave the district. As if this territory is included into Armenian Republic . Weakly armed Muslim people of this district rejected Andranik’s demands therefore Armenians carried out incredible savageries to the people.

It is known by the documents of Extraordinary Investigation Commission that in 1918-1919 all Muslim villages in the first police station in Sisyan region, majority of villages in the second police station and most part of the Muslim villages in the forth and fifth police stations were destroyed. Some villages had been obliterated altogether and the soil of those villages was ploughed for sowing by Armenians. More than 50 thousand Muslim refugees partially took refuge in the forth police station, and the other part in Jabrail district.

It is informed in Extraordinary Investigation Commission report that 115 Muslim villages were destroyed and obliterated by Armenians in Zangazur district. The names of all destroyed villages are enumerated in the present document.

According to the documents of Extraordinary Investigation Commission 3257 men, 2276 women and 2196 children were killed, 1060 men, 794 women and 485 children were wounded in 115 villages. As a result 10068 Azerbaijanis had been killed or invalided in Zangazur district during drawing up commission report.

Till March 1918, 199 Azerbaijan villages of Irevan district, till September 1919 62 Azerbaijan villages of Echmiedzin district were destroyed completely. And at the end of 1919 excluding some villages of Zengibasar, all villages of Irevan district as well as Vedibasar were destroyed, the people were wildly killed and survived people run away to other places. The people took a refuge in Iran , Osmanli and Azerbaijan .

But the tragedy in Vartanli village of Gudark region began like this: In the middle of April Azerbaijanis are crowded in a cabin by Armenians under the cover of holding meeting. Approximately 100-1500 persons assembled in this cabin. Priest Vahan opens the meeting, talks about the two nations living in a village friendly using a couple of words. After a while armed Armenians enter into the cabin, take priest out, close the cabin’s door and begin to burn the people by pouring out oil with chaff mixture from the roof. Children, old, woman shouts rise to the heaven, stifled and confused people attack to the door. Resistance of the unarmed people is in vain.

In 1918 Armenian bandit groups in Kotayk region that located in the northern-east part of Yerevan realized a great genocide against to the Azerbaijanis. Till known events of 1918 superiority of the people living in this region was Azerbaijanis. But in that time Azerbaijan inhabitants from Avdallar, Artiz, Ashagi Gaxt, Bashkend, Bozkosa, Gayakharaba, Garachala, Qarachorek, Gizagala, Gurbagali, Damagirmez, Dellekli, Ekerek, Zer, yelqovan, Yellije, Kamal, Kenkhan, Kerpijli, Kuzejik, Goykilse, Gulluje, Nurnus, Okhchu galasi, Tezekharab, Chobangorukmez and other villages of that region were banished by using great tortures. Majority of them had been killed by armed Armenian groups of Andranik and dashnak government.

In April 1920 “ Azerbaijan ” newspaper wrote: “There is no any Muslim in Goyche district any longer”. At the present moment in Yeni Beyazid district 84 Muslim villages were destroyed, 22 villages of them were destroyed in April. The inhabitants of more than 15 thousand houses of Dashkend, Goshabulag, Sariyagub, Bash Sorcha, Ashagi Shorcha, sogangulu-agali, Agkilse, Zod, Gulu, Agali, B.Garagoyunlu, K.Garagoyunlu, Zerzibil, Edli, Inekdag, Garaiman, Kesemen, Bashkend, Bala Mezre, Shishgaya, Bash Haji, Garibgaya villages escaped abandoning all their properties. All these properties nowadays belong to Armenians; plundered property is some millions and even milliards”.

As a result of genocide realized by bandit group of Andranik and dashnaks against to Azerbaijanis in 1918-1920 a great majority of the people residing in Armenian territory, i.e. in Western Azerbaijan , approximately 565 thousand people were killed or they were banished from their own lands and caused to wander. Armenian authors themselves affirm this fact. Historian Z.Korkodyan mentions the fact in his book “People of Soviet Armenia in 1831-1931” that in 1920 there were a little more than 10 thousand Turkish Azerbaijanis in Armenia while Soviet government established.

In 1918 in Irevan province 211, in Gars province 92 Azerbaijan villages were destroyed, burned and robbed. It is mentioned in one of the numerous appeals of Irevan Azerbaijanis that within a brief period of time in this historical Azerbaijan city (Irevan) and around it 88 villages were destroyed, 1920 houses burned, 132 thousand Azerbaijanis were killed. As a result of wildness of Armenian punitive forces and “Armenia without Turks” policy pursued during dahsnak government, the number of Azerbaijanis of Irevan province in 1916 decreased from 375 thousand to 70 thousand people in 1922.


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